This year started off with so much excitement, joy and love! Jason asked me to be his wife on December 31, 2015. It was so surprising to me, because he always would say how he thought it was so cliche for people to get engaged on a holiday! Whelp, he proposed on a holiday…

Jason is not the most romantic of guys, so leading up to New Years Eve we planned on going out on a date before going out with friends. I kept teasing him throughout the week that he needed to plan something romantic and “to not talk it up, if it’s not going to be romantic.” I love this man to death, but he sometime misses the cue when it comes to romance, so I love to teasing him about it! Anyways, New Years Eve came and I kept what are we doing? He kept playing it off like he forgot to plan something!

For some reason before we went out to dinner I was extra bubbly! Jaxson and I even had a mini dance party while I was getting ready for dinner, Jason came home in the midst of it all. It was actually pretty comical. I was almost finished getting ready and Jason was like, “okay I’m going to load up the car,” I though that was so strange. Even though we had stuff to bring to our friends after dinner he never just loads up the car ahead of time. At that moment I didn’t really think to much into it. We went to dinner at Olive and Ive, it was just your typical date night dinner. After I kept trying to get out of him where we were going and he still kept acting like nothing was planned.

He ended up driving over to the bridge by Tempe Town Lake and parked the car. His was like, “lets get out and walk down the river.” He got out opened up the trunk and grabbed an ice chest and handed me a rose as we walked towards the bridge. I thought it was really sweet, although as we were walking through gravel I went to reached for his right side arm to hang on to, and he pulled away. At the moment I was like, “so much for ROMANTIC.” He was like, “oh sorry I didn’t feel you reach for my arm.” We got to the bridge and he took out champagne flutes and champagne and toasted to me. He also brought my favorite chocolate and we shared some. I thought he was reaching in his pocket for more chocolate, but then he reached in he pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!!

I was so socked, HONESTY! I don’t even remember what he said or what I said, other than him saying you are the most beautiful girl in the world to me and me saying, is this really happening?? We were both filled with so excitement, we immediately called Jason’s family and went straight to my families house since everybody was together to bring in the New Year. My mom had no idea because when Jason asked my dad for my hand in marriage, my dad decided to let it be a surprise for my mom as well. It was such a great night celebrating with family and friends later on in the night.

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